Literary News Update 4

Recent Poetry Publications:

  • “Questions to Recover #19” appears here in Cold Mountain Review, the spring-summer 2021 issue
  • “God Proof” and “Dining, Junior Year” appear here in Typehouse Literary Magazine, Volume 7, No. 2, Issue 20 (Fall 2020), pp 150-151
  • “Buffalo buffalo buffalo” appears in here in The Broken City, Issue 26– the Wild West, (Summer 2020)

Forthcoming Poetry Publications:


  • My review of Jake Skeets’ first poetry book Eyes Bottle Dark with a Mouthful of Flowers is forthcoming in Tar River Poetry


  • My poetry manuscript Into a Game was a semi-finalist at The Word Works for their last reading period
  • Our Glass Room Poets annual reading was virtual this year in late April. A recording of our reading can be found here

Literary News Update 3

Forthcoming publications:

  • My poem “Buffalo buffalo buffalo” is forthcoming in Broken City in Issue 26
  • My poems “God Proof” and “Dining, Junior Year” are forthcoming in Typehouse Literary Magazine in Fall 2020

Creative nonfiction:

  • A creative nonfiction piece of mine is one of the finalists still being considered in this year’s Tiferet Journal‘s Writing Contest


  • Hana Inbar’s and my co-tranlsation of Ortsion Bartana’s “Tel Aviv Afternoon” is published in Poet Lore‘s current issue (Spring/Summer 2020 – Vol. 115 No. 1/2)


  • My review of Diana Marie Delgado’s first poetry book Tracing the Horse is published in Colorado Review here

Very Recent Publications:


  • I give a reading of my poem “Questions to Recover (#9)” published in Into the Void for their #LittleReadings series. It can be found here

Literary News Update #2

I have the following forthcoming publications:

  • My poem “The Last One Picked” is forthcoming in River and South Review. It will be in issue 5 / summer 2020
  • My poem “Standing at the End of Yet Another High Holy Day” is forthcoming in Off the Coast. It will be in the summer 2020 issue.
  • My poems “Early Morning” and “Dance Myth” are forthcoming in The William and Mary Review in Fall 2020.
  • My Poem “Before Paradise” is forthcoming in THEMA Literary Journal in spring 2021.

Very Recent Publications:

Literary News Update #1

I’ve launched this site and posted my poetry book reviews. I also have listed a selection of published poems and co-translations. I will update accordingly. (The question I have now is whether I will keep up-to-date the update number in these literary news headers!)… See all the menu tabs to check my work out. And enjoy!… In the meantime, I have the following two forthcoming publications:

  • My poem “Here and Gone” is forthcoming in Rockvale Review. It will be in Issue 6 in May 2020.
  • My co-translation of Ortsion Bartana’s poem “Tel Aviv Afternoon” is forthcoming in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Poet Lore.